Preaching Using Skype

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Currently, many small churches and Christian groups in Russia, Ukraine, and other countries do not have ministers to feed them spiritual bread. At the same time, many Slavic preachers and elders in America are not using the gift of preaching given to them by God.

Modern technology has allowed churches, located on different continents, to connect with one another through the internet. Using Skype (a video-calling application that works through a livestream on the internet), it is possible to preach from the United States to churches located in far-off countries. There are many examples of such ministries each providing positive results.

How the project works

American Church:

  • Working with relevant Christian unions and organizations, the church in the US finds and adopts a church or a small group that is located in a distant city or village of another country. The church or a small group must have internet access and must be in need of a minister.
  • If the adopted church or small group does not have a computer and cannot obtain one as a result of financial hardship, the US church will purchase a laptop computer and help pay for the internet connection, if needed.
  • The American church will find a minister and place him in charge of preaching through Skype, providing the members of his group counsel and spiritual support.

What is needed to implement the project in a church or a group

  • In America:
    • A computer with a video camera and a microphone. A laptop with a built-in video camera and microphone can also be used. Given that in America almost every home has a computer and internet access, there may be no costs associated with this.
    • An experienced preacher and counselor
    • A Skype account
  • In the distant country:
    • The interested church or group should express in writing their request to participate in this project and send their request by email or by regular mail to the Pacific Association of Slavic Baptist Churches (address is given below). The request must also be approved by the Association or the union of churches to which the interested church or group belongs (if available). The request must also specify the specific needs of the interested party (preaching, counseling, etc.), provide information about the composition of the group (elderly believers, new converts, youth, children, etc.) in order to select the appropriate minister in America.
    • The interested party must have a computer with a video camera, microphone, and Internet access. A laptop with a built-in video camera and microphone can be used. (Laptop prices in America are generally between $300-$400. The monthly cost of Internet usage depends on the local conditions of the country.)
    • The interested party must also:
      • Find the place that has a computer and internet access where the Skype meetings could take place.
      • Create a Skype account and notify the Association of the contact information.
      • Assemble the group of interested people at the agreed upon place and time.

Expected results

  1. Spiritual growth of the members of the groups in the distant country as a result of the spiritual care from the American minister.
  2. The strengthening and growth of the local churches and groups as a result of systematic pastoral care.
  3. The spiritual renewal of American ministers as a result of their involvement in the ministry of preaching and care.

Technical issues

Download the free Skype program here: The program is translated into many languages.

For questions about technical assistance and project organization, you can use the following contact information:

  • Phone: (916) 716-2950
  • E-mail: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

Description of the project in a single file can be downloaded here.

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